Finest quality    -    The ART of Coins  
British Hammered & Milled coins,Tokens, Medallions & Roman Sestertia, "Petition crown"

 Money is ART . Irish Coins, Scotish Coins.  ART of Coins

                                             COIN TALES

Every coin has a tale, albeit lost in time,
the hours spent in a dream of thoughts if
coins could speak their time  

The collection here is a 50 year love affair with beautiful coins. A criteria? That is simple: It was beauty. The finest striking, these are works of Art. I chose British and Roman coins which I believe are beautiful. Neither its value nor its rarity is important. The size did not matter, expensive or small, a common silver coin,
for that matter an even less valuable brass coin

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1554 2/6 "The impossible becomes possible"

AD 134 The building of a dream



Why Collect Coins - Article by Doug Mudd Curator Museum ANA

   Once seen never forgotten

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