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Henry 8 Testoons

    Henry 8 Testoon
TUDOR. Henry VIII. 1509-1547. AR Testoon (31mm, 7.11 g). Third coinage. Tower mint;
im: pellet-in-annulet [56].first bust with promenant side locks of hair Struck 1544-1547.
hEnRIC 8 D’ G’ AGL’ FRA’ Z HIB’ REX, crowned facing bust (Jacob type 1); broken saltire
stops, Roman E and R, A capped on both sides / POSVI DEVM DIVTORIVM MEVM, crowned
rose; crowned h R flanking, broken saltire stops, Roman E and R, Lombardic M, A capped on
both sides. Jacob O12/R16; Whitton B(5); North 1841; SCBC 2365.

A magnificent full round coin with a bold portrait, strong ledgend and edges
No known pedigree. A dream coin found laying in a tin box at the bottom of grandad's toy box, so corny
it seems too be true! The Testoon was in a leather pouch, the story of the coin which with others were
given during thesecond world war to his grad-dad. 100% sure a coin will have a pedigree.

When I was young traveling in UK I would stp at every little Antique shop just dreaming to find a
Henry VIII Testoon. 50 years later one turned up under similar circumstances but I did not find it.
Thanks to a local dealer from Leeds, Martin who travelled 400+ miles to aquire the coin to give
the coin its first modern numismatic home after 70 years+ in Oct 2010

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