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Queen Anne 1713
Struck in Brass

(This piece listed, 'P' in Peck). 6.21g.BMC 739
 Medium flan. 2+C. Specific Gravity 8.801.
 Good Extremely Fine, About As Struck and excessively rare.

The only known specimen.
Note the additional internal border on reverse
Ex Dr E. C. Carter (1950)
Ex C. W. Peck (670)

Of the many varieties of the Queen Anne farthing I would like to beg the
question to Croker the mint engraver, why the unique type ratchet type teeth on the internal
boarder of the reverse. Was it simply to test the effect of the die on Brass? To create
a barrier against forgers?

NOTE; Finer engraving of BRITANNIA & DATE. Both feet clearly showing. Britania sat on
three EXERGUE lines. No spear head. Queens hand holding the spear changed. The overall
reverse finely cut in the die.

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