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Rawlins work during the Civil War 1642-1646 OXFORD

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RAWLINS work Triple Unite 1644 OX England largest gold
coin. Charles holding a sword amd an olive branch


RAWLINS work Pattern Shilling, F9 style as the cellabrated
1644 OXFORD CROWN. This could be part of a set being developed
by Rawlins. The finest known speciman





Coin above labelled A and below labelled B are from the same dies Obverse and Reverse.
RAWLINS work 1644 Pattern/Proof Shilling. Preserved in magnificent condition.
On the truncation of the bust the capital letter R of Rawlins. E6 Ex Carter, ex Murdoch 312, ex Montagu II 531, ex Brice, ex Bergne 739, ex Currer 93

The lower coin B has been in circulation and is Ex Lockett and possibly unique as a circulation piece. Bought by Geoffrey Hearn at the sale of Lockett.