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Roman imperial sestertius

Superb Masterpiece of Classical Numismatic


A truelly awsome speciman

SESTERTIUS 50-54, AE 29.97 g. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P P TR P IMP P P Laurete head r. Rev. SPES - AVGUSTA Spes, draped, advancing l., holding flower in upraised r. hand and raising skirt with l., in exergue. SC. C85. BMC 192. RIC 115. CBN 216.

The finest portrait of Claudius on a Roman bronze well struck on a full
flan with an untouched green-brown patina, good extremely fine


The fact that Claudius chose SPES, the goddess of hope, to occupy such a prominent place on his coinage, makes it clear that she was present in his thoughts. This introduction in the accession year of 41 because Claudius own birthday. August 1st, was the day of the vota to SPES, and in that accession year, Claudius invoked her assistance on behalf of his newborn son. Britannicus.

SPES was also the goddess of the future, which gave her a prominent role in certain kinds of occasions, especially weddings and births, the latter of which made her valuable to children. With all this in mind, Claudius choice of SPES was especially appropriate during the event filled year of 41.

SPES  AVGUSTA, takes on a more complete dimension by suggesting hope for imperial heirs through the succession had been transferred from Britannicus to his adopted son Nero.

The existence of numerous temples and alters to SPES in the capita, and the fine rendering of the goddess on Claudius SESTERTIUS suggest they are based upon a statutory prototype perhaps one of great antiquity, considering its archaizing qualities.







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