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1812 Gold Half Guinea
YORKSHIRE, Sheffield, Younge Wilson & Younge, gold 10 shillings and sixpence
or half-a-guinea, 1812, by Halliday, phoenix/legend (D.37)
Great Britain. Yorkshire "phoenix" gold Token 10/6 (ten-shillings and sixpence, or Half Guinea), 1812. Issued by merchants Younge, Wilsons & Younge, of Sheffield. Listed on page 46 as #37 in Dalton's classic reference on the token coinage of 1811-1812, one of only a few such tokens known to exist in gold. The mythical bird is seen rising from the flames. This is a major gold-token rarity which fits well among the final series of half guineas, as it was made strictly for emergency use in a time of specie shortage, during the war against Napoleon. No 1812-dated regular issue half guinea was struck, possibly accounting for the sudden appearance of this intriguing piece. Extremely rare, just a handful known. Choice proof like qualities, and sharp details.
The above gold token interests me as I am from Yorkshire.
During the end of the18th and beginning of the 19 Century there was
a shortage of money and traders were permitted to mint their own money. 
At this time the mint produced many pieces for the traders as well as other private mints.


  1796 Purim Penny 
  Cabbage Society
Cabbage Society / Purim (Jewish societyfraternal group, it was known as the

Cabbage Society) token.
The interesting edge device, coarse milling over
"An Asylum For The Oppress'd Of All Nations,"
 includes the very same host edge as found on the Washington Liberty 
      and Security Pennies