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Elizabeth I  1558-1603

In 1559 the base shillings of Edward VI second and third coinage were called in for countermarking for recirculation at  reduced values. The shillings were counterstamped with two stamps a portcullis [fourpence-halfpenny], greyhound [twopence farthing]Smaller debased coins were devalued but not countermarked. The reign was 45 years and therefore we have a wide variety of mintmarks from the Lis in 1558-60 through all six different issues of coinage until the mark 2 in 1602.

1558-60 Shilling mm. Lis
a wonderful full coin

Countermarked Edward VI Shilling on a base issue 1559. Sitting greyhound
Tower mint. mm. Rose [obverse] Rose over Lion [revers] Extremley rare if
not unique mark. This indicatesa current value of twopence-farthing until
denominnization in 1561 S.2547 
Ex. Montagu, Murdoch, Carter and R.C.B.


1560-61 Shilling. Second Issue mm. Cross crosslet.
Without rose or date, beaded inner circles ET instead of Z


Elizabeth I 1561 mm. Pheon, Third Issue sixpence

Elizabeth  I
milled issued, small bust
superb condition


Elizabeth I, Pattern Shilling., mm Key [1595-98], eloborate bust left with tall narrow crown,
ELIZ D G ANG FR ET HIB REGI, rev., long crossfourchee over heavily garnashed shield,
POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEVand long flowing hair 

Elizabeth I Pattern Groat
Pledge in Silver
Struck piece
Excessively rare


Elizabeth I, Pattern Penny, 1.96g., 1601, in copper, crowned bust three quarters
left, wearing elaborate dress and ruff, THE PLEDGE OF, rev. crowned monogram of
Elizabeth dividing date, A PENNY. A gemlike coin, the portrait expressive and
delicately engraved, in mint state with a deep choclate tone.Excessiveley Rare
Ex.Brice, Montagu, Murdoch, Manton, Locket

4 Testerns (four reales) silver 1600
Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603),
East India Company.
mintmark O, (1600)
obv. crowned arms, around O: ELIZABETH. D;G; ANG; FRA; ET. HIBER; REGINA.
crowned E R at sides
around crowned portcullis

1600 One Testern
coined at the Tower mint for trading in the
East Indies. They were struck in the weights of the equivalent Spanish silver


1601 Crown. Sixth issue. (.925 silver) 1601-2
 Full round & clean edges well struck on both sides.


1601 Half Crown. Sixth issue. (.925 silver) 1601-2
 Full round & clean edges well struck on both sides.


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