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These coins were produced in very large numbers, and a great amount still survive.
Worn, but recognizable, examples of common types can be found for as little £5 or £20. Sestertii are basically common coins (except for individually rare types) but they are among the most difficult coins in the Roman series to find in high quality to add to your collection.  EF+ examples can sell for over £ 500’000 GBP at auction.

As a result of chemicals and dampness in the earth, the majority of the Brass Coins are damaged or destroyed. Luck is required to find a coin that has been well preserved in the earth.
Gold and Silver coins that were produced in the same period are often found in excellent condition, but a Sestertius in a state of high quality is a rare coin. Those that are preserved in EF condition, are fully struck on the obverse and reverse, and have a wonderful natural patina are, today, truly works of art.
Warning: many Brass Sestertii have, in modern times, been rebuilt, badly cleaned, tooled, and/or given a fresh patina; like all things in life the more valuable an item is the more likely it is that the unscrupulous will try to work on coins to improve their presentation and value.

Do realize that today  it is not dealers who many times try to miss-lead, either in an Auction or a private treaty sale but it is a lack of knowledge and experience that lead to many problems of condition and authenticity. As in all areas of collecting, there are a few dealers and academics who can and will give knowledgeable advice to both new and experienced collectors.

Draped bust r., hair falling

This coin is the cover coin of the Female Caesars by Jacozi A coin of incredible detail & condition from the ring holding the reigns of the donkeys to a portrait that launched a "love" to aquire the coin. Very few coins of this period exist in such a natural condition. 
The Rev. S P Q R / MEMORIAE / AGRIPPINAE Carpentum drawn l. by two mules; the cover supported by standing figures at the corners with ornamented side. Agrippina Senior, one of the most tragically unfortunate women of Roman history. Agrippina was destined to achieve the highest possible status that did not happen. In 29AD she deprived her of freedom, and in 33AD of life itself. This sestertii dedicated to Agrippina was produced by her son Caligula, The inscription, SPQR MEMORIAE AGRIPPINAE, is itself dedicatory from
the Senate and the Roman people to the memory o f Agrippina.

visit Claudivs by pressing the above coin
SESTERTIUS 50-54, AE 29.97 g. TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P P TR P IMP P P Laurete head r. Rev. SPES - AVGUSTA Spes, draped, advancing l., holding flower in upraised r. hand and raising skirt with l., in exergue. SC. C85. BMC 192. RIC 115. CBN 216.

Galba Sestercius 68-69 AD
Deep green solid patena

Emperor Hadrian,
Ruled for 21 years from A.D. 117 until A.D. 138
Roman Empire at its height
Wife of Hadrian, grand-niece of Trajan

further details 

Gordian I Africanus (AD238)
Praetorian governor of Lower Britain in 220-222, AE Sestertius (21.60gm)
IMP CAES M ANT GORDIANVS AFR AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Gordian 
Emperor, laureate and togate, standing left, holding branch and parazonium. RIC 7. BMCRE 4. Cohen 3

Sestertius (Orichalcum, 34mm, 23.22 g 6), Rome, c. 105.
IMP CAES NERVAE TRAIANO AVG GER DAC P M TR P COS V P P Laureate bust of Trajan to right, drapery on far shoulder. Rev. S P Q R OPTIMO PRINCIPI S C Trajan, in armor, on horseback to right, hurling spear at fallen Dacian below him. BMC 839. BN 405. C. 508. Hill 216. RIC 543. A superb coin with a fine portrait and an exceptionally attractive, deep green patina. Extremely fine. From a Swiss private collection, Nomos 3, 10 May 2011, 183 and ex Münzen und Medaillen 81, 18 September 1995, 273.
On the reverse of this piece we see Trajan, in the guise of a heroic warrior, riding down a Dacian enemy. The conquest of Dacia was of great importance (as seen on the reliefs of Trajan’s Column in Rome), both for safeguarding the empire and providing a vast treasure of gold and silver.

Julia Domna, AE AS, Rome, 215-217. Reverse, four Vestals sacrificing 
in front of the temple of Vesta. BNC 232 (Caracalla). 
Cohen 234. RIC 607 (Caracalla).

S. Severus, Nikopolis in Moesia Inferior. Reverse Herakles
amazing colouring and natural


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